Should you use activated charcoal toothpaste as tooth whitening?

Should you use activated charcoal toothpaste as tooth whitening?

Using activated charcoal toothpaste to whiten teeth is a new trend, but before you try it, you should know if using activated charcoal toothpaste is a safe, effective way to get a whiter smile.

What is activated charcoal toothpaste?

Activated charcoal toothpaste is a porous black toothpaste made from processed natural materials such as wood or coconut shells. Because of its ability to extract and trap toxins, activated charcoal has been used to treat poisoning. It can be found not only in toothpaste but also in other beauty products, such as face masks. In recent years, it’s become increasingly popular for a variety of beauty regimens due to its ability to draw out toxins. Some believe that when applied to teeth, the activated charcoal will absorb stains on tooth enamel. However, does it really work?

Does activated charcoal toothpaste work?

According to a recent article in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) that analyzed the results of 118 studies, there was insufficient evidence that activated charcoal toothpaste is an effective or safe way to clean or whiten teeth. In other words, these 118 studies were not able to find evidence to back up the claims that activated charcoal toothpaste works. In addition, some studies found that advertisements for activated charcoal toothpaste included unsubstantiated claims.

Is activated charcoal toothpaste safe?

“Yes and no” is what I would tell my patients. If it is used infrequently or temporarily, the risks are minimal. However, with repeated or frequent use, the toothpaste can wear down the enamel of your teeth, which can lead to tooth sensitivity and more risk of tooth decay. Another concern about activated charcoal toothpaste is that most of them do not contain fluoride. In fact, according to the JADA article, only one of the 50 activated charcoal toothpastes studied contained fluoride. By using a toothpaste that lacks fluoride and potentially damages enamel, you could be risking the health of your teeth. So I do not recommend brushing with activated charcoal toothpaste.

What are some safe, effective ways to whiten teeth?

If you are using Invisalign, you can easily and safely whiten your teeth with our complimentary whitening gel. Not only is it effective, but it’s safe and easy to use. If you are in braces, you can start the whitening process once they are removed using trays with whitening gel. If you are looking for a DIY option, over-the-counter whitening strips are a good alternative. Since the whitening agent is not as strong as the ones you can get from a dental professional, it may take longer to see results. Another consideration is that the strips don’t reach as far back as the whitening trays do. So if you’re interested in whitening your teeth, we recommend checking with your dental professional first. We want you to enjoy your dazzling smile of healthy teeth.